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The I Declare World Peace project seeks to assure the widespread recognition, use and dissemination of the affirmation “I Declare World Peace”. Toward that end, we have an active Twitter campaign, a presence on Facebook, a presence on LinkedIn, our own YouTube channel and we make use of other sites such as Digg.

In addition to the ever-expanding cyber-awareness of the I Declare World peace project, we are or will be expanding into media and print as well as products and product placement.

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• The "I Declare World Peace" Project Announces Its First Product Launch

• The I Declare World Peace Project Receives Kudos from the White House

• Brooklyn Peace Group Announces First Ever Product Endorsement - “Peacelovebeanies”.

• Florida Congressional Candidate Embraces the I Declare World Peace Project.

• Montreal Gazette reports on the I Declare World Peace project's Twitter campaign.

• The I Declare World Peace project and Param Pranyog enter Collaborative Cross-Promotional Agreement

• Brooklyn Heights Blog reports on the 'I Declare World Peace’ - project.

• Peace Groups From The Netherlands and New York City Tighten Alliance.

• Peace Group from Brooklyn, NY and Women's Rights Group from Chennai, India Announce Collaboration.

• I Declare WORLD PEACE again! Comedian Robert Drlicka, in his persona of "Air Mohammed", promotes theI Declare World Peace project.

• Peace Group Reports Rise in Global Peace Consciousness.

• The I Declare World Peace Project Urges Presidential Candidates to Honor Kellogg-Briand Peace Treaty.

• Peace Groups from Brooklyn, NY and The Netherlands Urge World Leaders to Observe Olympic Truce.

• Dutch Newspaper reports on the collaboration between "World Peace Is Possible" and "I Declare World Peace".

• "I Declare World Peace" and "World Peace Is Possible" Announce Strategic Collaboration.

• The I Declare World Peace Project Releases its First Music Video.

• The I Declare World Peace project calls for recognition at Academy Awards ceremony.

• I Declare World Peace TV interview : The exciting PeaceDayTV interview of Lawrence R. Gelber about the I Declare World Peace project's use of social media to expand global peace consciousness. The interview was part of the International Peace Day activities in 2011. Watch for the "peace is profitable" discussion in the last five minutes.

• "Lawyer Accepts Responsibility for World Peace": Important press release about the global I Declare World Peace project, as reported in Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's most widely circulated newspaper.

• hs.fi/ulkomaat/artikkeli/Juristi ottaa vastuuta rauhasta
Article in Helsingin Sanomat, Helsinki Finland's premier newspaper, September 4, 2011. "Juristi ottaa vastuuta rauhasta" (Lawyer takes responsibility for peace).

• Radio interview with Lawrence Gelber , by Brisbane, Australia personality Tetka Rhu, released in late June, 2011. The interview lasts around 30 minutes, and contains an exposition of the origins of, and thinking behind, the I Declare World Peace project. We hope you enjoy it.



IDWP I Declare World Peace logo.In general, goals are reached by taking action. All action proceeds from thought. The completion of a skyscraper results from the action of construction, which in turn results from the thoughts of the architects and builders.

In the same way, the ability to achieve peace in our lifetime is simply a direct function of the conscious thinking of people. Just as a war is commenced by declaration based on the thinking of certain people, peace requires a declaration based on the thinking of certain people. All group thinking is based on the thinking of the individuals in the group.

There are approximately 195 countries in the world. Assume there are 200 major "violent" separatist or opposition groups. If the top 5 ranking people in government and those separatist groups all declared peace, just 2,000 people, there would be peace. And those 2,000 would have no choice but to declare peace if substantial numbers of their "constituents" declared peace.

In short, world peace is entirely dependent on what you, yes you personally, think.


Please post and tweet the affirmation "I Declare World Peace" on your favorite social media site from time to time. Every time you see the tweet “I Declare World Peace”, or our hashtag “#IDWP”, please retweet (RT) it. It will soon become like popcorn popping all over the world.

We also encourage everyone to make an I Declare World Peace video. Examples to guide you are here: IDWP videos.

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It requires no reciprocity. Just send us a message on our Facebook page and provide your URL; we will do the rest. Help us create the largest art installation in the history of the world, installed, for the first time ever, in the consciousness of humanity. Help us demonstrate the power of collective intention.

Please come back from time to time. The official I Declare World Peace hashtag is #IDWP

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