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The following people - and their various enterprises - have agreed to signal their support of the I Declare World Peace project by allowing us to post links to their sites here. To the extent any of them offer products or services that you think will meet your needs, we encourage you to independently evaluate and consider them. If you would like your site linked here, just let us know - it is free, with no registration or reciprocity required. Thank you and enjoy.

The GelberLaw Glossary Annukka Lilja, Film Editor Eileen Shahbazian Dianne Murray Art Gallery Phi Asset Managers My Best Helsinki Critical Path Poetry Pursuit Of Happiness YOGA Arthur Klein - Yoga Activist & Filmmaker Laila Hyttinen - Couple and Family Therapy YYoga Movie Westend Network In My Multiverse Lastfirst Networks IPhone Photography The Peace Advocate Lou Pardi Katrina in Mississippi Miracle Sharing Green Dot For Earth Organization FRATERNIDADE DOS 12 RAIOS (The 12 Rays Brotherhood) Bluesky Studio Communication Skills Magic The Zeitgeist Movement Valon Paloa State of Planet - MotherLand Create Peace Project La lettre de salah benyussef eNOTHING (Thomas Herr) Fulfillment at Any Age Peace Leadership LVS Consulting My Best New York NY [PEACE] That Which Connects Us Flavor Designs
Groovy Reflections Momma Webb Sian Lindemman's Blog Sian Design sianlindemann's posterous Sian Lindemann Art Goddess of Spirituality Tetka's Art Gallery VivoBello Liane Pinel Photography World Peace Is Coming The Global We Chakra Vibrations
Peter Blum's Sounds for Healing New York NY Photography The Feather Eyedelon Productions ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition How Do You Cook Quinoa Peace365 Czech - English Translation and Interpreting Shop New Age Rev. Roger Marlow We, The World WE Jeremiah's Hope Fund Highly Uncivilized 4-UR-Success AwakeningPeople.com Incense Incense Eye Contact Graphics Building Bridges Meditations The Real Rolemodels VividLife Compassionate Nation Univisions A Peace of My Mind Mindpopsicles GutZy Women Australia Gift Shop Mimi Writes... suzcat silver designs World Peace Is Possible Peace Globe Gallery Ones in a Lifetime The World Poetized Alison Lee Cousland - 11:11 Environmental Sculpture Nina Winters FrancesIrene's Poetry4All The Dialogue - Iconostasis for World Peace Freio Music 12seconds for Peace LEARNERS: On the Move from WeaponWorld to PeaceWorld Car Rental Helsinki Airport Wilderness Vagabonds The Mindful Palate flairCreativ This Creative Life The Greater Tacoma Peace Prize John Warburton Timeless Expressions by Maguire Rogue Attitude Alikat747 World Peace Inspiration Import Lesley Fletcher Artist & Writer Celebrate World Peace Celebrate World Peace Blog I Wage Peace.org Good Simple Sites Blog NetworkBees L.I.G.H.T. Sing Freely Now
The Healing Voice Expert - blog Love Movements World Peace Is Possible G-Star Peace Club Turn Peace Around Reddy Lieb Live Peace International Baden-Powell Service Association BP Service Association Therese Black Word of Mom Radio Keshava Radha Yoga The Potter's House of Marion Space Colony Earth The Peaceful Educator Foundation Declaring World Peace World Peace Alliance GalriMontaj, Contemporary Art Mindful Palate Montessori New Beginnings Academy Canadian Montessori Schools Arbor Creek Montessori School World Peace Picture iWitness Big Apple Websites D. Boyer Consulting College Park Executive Suites The Make Peace Project Make Peace Art Sculptures My Face For Peace Bloggers for Peace One Passion - The Project: Music for Peace Occupy Om The Oomun Group The Galactic Free PressS Social Media Connection - On Demand Peace for People War Is A Crime.org peace begins with me Mark Olmstead World Peace Photo U. of Rhode Island Center for Nonviolence & Peace Studies Laura Razzano Photography la mujer GALA Discover Philippines Be-You-101.com Scripting for Success Live Your Peace No Such Thing As a Bully WorldPeace (Norway) Meeo Miia Jovial Concepts O'Neill Quigley & Associates ecOvitale The Peace Poll Maharishi Ayurveda RCG images World Peace Before 2021 Summer of Peace Creditease Credit Services The Metaphysical Crockpot Carol's Critter Car Franki deMerle Artisans in the Andes Hand Woven Bracelets The Earth Friendly Family Katy TX Radio My Home Business Peace In Our Lifetime The Ochre Project National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc. Niko Luoma Progressive Prison Project / Innocent Spouse & Children Project Param Pranyog Kathy Parra Play in the Wild Global Compassion Daniel Beerthuis A Piece of My Fabulous Mind Malin Abrahamsson Voices United 4 Peace egyptrican itiba United Humanity The Red Elephant Foundation Kirthi Jayakumar MasterPeace Club Afghanistan / Kabul ABCpeace Henry Stratford Photography Kimicoh Love P.E.A.C.E. on Earth Creativity Awakened Art of Spirit LeatherWorks Leather is Better Livingart - Projects Africa Youth For Peace and Development peaceandlovestitch We Make Peace Sow Peace Help2Heal Irmgard Hiergeist Spark America USA Earth Roots Midwifery WORLDBEYONDWAR.org The World Poetized Walking Enchantment Hurwitt Graphics The Golden Alternative International Peace Youth Group Loving Intuitive Guidance Translations by Ulrike Ulrike’s Photography Healing Voice Yoga Leading Everyone to Participate in Africa Peace Anonymous Iina Heiskanen - Visual Artist The Peace Communicator Network Sandy Smyth Books Up 2 Peace Emily AC: Multi-Talented Comedian Dublin Peace Festival Loris Pignoletti Magical Worlds (Zauberwelten) BeeSafe Condoms Opaque Be A Revolutionary! The Beauty Game A 38 We love the World Brain and Body Autism Answers With Tsara Shelton Tsara Shelton / Writer & Coffee Sipper Doris 3m EFL Center Light School - Uriri Art & Bytes petra michelle ZEUSCHARIOT The Worlds Children Peace Monument (WCPM) Pakistan Peace Daily Inked for Peace Moment of Kindness Rabbi Eli Mallon, M.Ed., LMSW Choir in the Cloud - World 4 Peace Project spell-it-out PHOTOS Dreambird Art Peace Through Compassion KayUlrich.Com Fly For Life Hundredgivers Tukie's Graphic Design by TJS Deviant Art - Lisa Gail The Captain's House on Historic Street Gina Dolls Rogue Valley Peace Choir Botticelli Chamber Players The Bonny Badge Company Priscilla Judd Activism Songs KrissySpice4Life World Peace Mural Tour World-Changing Kids The World Needs More Pie Phil and Maude Coalition for Peace Action Web site of author Brian Scott Baskins Blink Safety


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